We have a full-service agronomy department. We handle dry and liquid fertilizer, liquid starter fertilizer, anhydrous ammonia, agronomy chemicals, ag lime.  We do field scouting, composite soil sampling, and contract with a service to do GPS soil sampling.

Agronomy Facilities:

In order to best serve our customers, we have our large chemical and seed shed, and a 4,200-ton dry fertilizer shed. 

Seed and Chemical Shed

  • It has over 18,000 SF of organized warehouse space, allowing for efficient pickup of requested products.


Dry Fertilizer Shed

  • Built in 2016
  • 4,200 ton capacity
  • Chemical Impregnation
  • Avail / Nue-Charge Impregnation



Agronomy Equipment:


Pre-plant, Pre-emerge, Post-Emerge, High Clearance Nitrogen Sidedress and Late Season Fungicide Application


2 – Hagie Liquid Sprayers

1 – Nitrogen Sidedress Bar

2 – Air Max Dry Spreaders

1 – Liquid Terra Gator      

2 – Lime Spreaders

6 – Fertilizer Tender Trucks

3 – Water Tender Trucks

3 – NH3 Applicator Bars for Rental

3 – Fertilizer buggies for Rental

3 – Liquid Fert. Tanks for Delivery