Contacts us for all your grain marketing needs. We offer a variety of contracts to tailor a marketing plan to you needs. We also have a license commodity broker ready to help with your marketing plan.


Grain Contracts:

  • House Receipts
  • Warehouse Receipts
  • Price Later Contracts
  • Grain Bank
  • Hedge to Arrive Contracts
  • Basis Only Contracts
  • Accumulator Contracts
  • Bonus Premium Contracts
  • Extended Price Contracts
  • Minimum Price Contracts


We offer a Grain Offer System on your mobile device or computer.  Never miss your target price again. Give us a call to put in an offer or get signed up to use the system yourself.

Our company has just over 2.8 million bushels of grain storage and continues to make sound decisions regarding expansion. 

We have three grain dumps which give us the ability to dump 42,500 bu. Per hour, all but eliminating the long waits on busy fall harvest days.